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Soul of Butterflies: Incubation

Soul of Butterflies: Incubation Full version Free Download

Are you looking to Download Soul of Butterflies: Incubation Full version For Free? Can I download Soul of Butterflies: Incubation on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about Soul of Butterflies: Incubation you should know before start competting with other’s.

Soul of Butterflies: Incubation Description:

“Soul of Butterflies: Incubation” is a point-and-click adventure game with a unique worldview. Players will take on the role of Anders and explore an extremely enigmatic world. Amidst indescribable struggles and fears, they will gradually piece together the truth of this world.

About This Game


  • Immersive Puzzle Adventure: unique art style combined with original music provides players with an immersive gaming experience.

  • Simple Controls: interact with objects through clicking, dragging, and swiping.

  • Deep and Meaningful Textual Story: players navigate a fragmented narrative to gradually piece together and reveal the truth.

  • Hand-Drawn Illustrations: the suspenseful story is displayed through an unique visual method inspired by American comics.

Background story

In the “Republic of Darkcone,” a country that has experienced multiple changes in political power, the people continue to suffer from the ravages of war. At this time, an outbreak of a mysterious infectious disease has once again thrust them into the brink of survival.

The protagonist of the story is named “Anders.” In order to raise the necessary medical funds for his ailing sister “Nara,” he accepts a mysterious job invitation from the “Butterfly Inn.” Little does he know that his inner struggles and fears will become a significant test before he embarks on an irreversible adventure…

How to Install and Fully Activate Soul of Butterflies: Incubation?

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