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Rugby League Riot

Play Free Game Rugby League Riot Download PC Games

Are you looking to Download Rugby League Riot Full version For Free? Can I download Rugby League Riot on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about Rugby League Riot you should know before start competting with other’s.

Rugby League Riot Description:

This sports game is must for any Rugby League fan! Choose from 17 teams, play a singles match or compete in a finals series. Unique gameplay, no controller required. Operate the ball carrier, many pass and kick options, simple defensive play. Fatigue system, commentary, TV theme design.

About This Game

Rugby League Riot is here! This is a single player Rugby League game for Windows OS, keyboard operated (no controller needed), unique gameplay, where you compete against the computer in matches. If you prefer keyboard operated games that you can play anywhere anytime, and are a fan of Rugby League – then this game is for you! It is a must-have for any Rugby League fan. That’s why I made it!

Move the ball carrier around, throw short passes, long passes, short kicks, long kicks, call the wingers inside, use your big front rower wisely, and defend with your life! 5 star commentary with a TV theme design.

Choose from 17 teams, play a one-off exhibition match, or compete in a sudden-death finals series where you aspire to play a grand finale (with pre-game show!) You will receive an ‘awesomeness’ rating if you can win the finale, so try to top your rating each time! Each team has a home and away kit, play at a stadium or suburban ground, day or night match. Designed to have that ‘old school’ feel.

Rugby League Riot features an intelligent match system where player fatigue will see defensive errors occur. This is great if you are behind on the scoreboard!

This game is so convenient that you can play it anywhere you take your laptop. Perfect for a rainy day, or play it during half time in real matches to pass the time!

How to Install and Fully Activate Rugby League Riot?

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