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Uncontained Full version Free Download

Are you looking to Download Uncontained Full version For Free? Can I download Uncontained on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about Uncontained you should know before start competting with other’s.

Uncontained Description:

Uncontained is a online co-op horror game where players will fight to survive against MUT. Strategies plans as a team and execute accordingly, A Random player will be given control of MUT to seek you out and kill you off one by one

About This Game

Uncontained is a online co-op horror game where players can match make lobbies, once a session is started a random player will be selected to take control of MUT and kill off the players. The lobbies can range of size from 6-11 players at a time.

The objective of the Survivors is to enable all reactors to win the match while avoiding MUT at all costs. Overuse of the flashlight and running though foliage can give away your position to MUT which can lead you into a sticky situation or even being killed. Stay stealthy and vigilant and formulate strategy with your fellow teammates.

As Survivors you have a tool to your advantage to help bail players out of bad situations, this tool is the sound weapon, a loud thundering boom sound that will disable MUT for 5-6 seconds to give you plenty of time to escape from him, but use them sparingly as you only have 3 to deploy and it has a 2 minute cool down timer and once they’re used up you can no longer active them. You will also have a chat box that MUT cannot see to help formulate plans together.

As MUT you also have a tool for your advantage, this tool is called Predator Vision, this will allow you up to 10 seconds of seeing players anywhere in the map, this will have a sound cue to alert the Survivors with a on screen prompt to give them time to avoid the impeding danger, this will easily throw them off for a little while since you will know their exact locations and can formulate a plan and execute it. But use them sparingly as you only have 3 of them and each one has a 2 minute cool down timer.

You will find a Mini Map in the upper right corner of the screen during gameplay, the red exclamation point is the location of a unfinished reactor, green x’s indicate the reactor is finished, but be aware that MUT has access to the same Mini Map and can see when a reactor was finished, so be cautious after finishing a reactor.

The game has up to 5 different maps, all styled differently to add a layer of complexity to planning out the strategy and adding to overall gameplay, each map with their own advantage and disadvantage for both MUT and Survivors. maps such as dense fog, winter, sand storms, forests, daylight maps and night time maps, etc.

Maps will be randomly chosen upon start, the lobby system will wait until there is enough players and auto start the session with a 10 second count down, players will have the option to create private or public lobbies and invite their friends with a the provided lobby code in the match making map (setting a session to public or private can be updated within the match making map itself without having to create a new lobby) the map requires a minimum of 6 players to start and the maximum allowed players is 11

How to Install and Fully Activate Uncontained?

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