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The Spectral Web: Hitodama

The Spectral Web: Hitodama Download PC Game

Are you looking to Download The Spectral Web: Hitodama Full version For Free? Can I download The Spectral Web: Hitodama on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about The Spectral Web: Hitodama you should know before start competting with other’s.

The Spectral Web: Hitodama Overview:

Explore a Labyrinth full of magic, monsters, and mystery in this dungeon crawler inspired by retro classics. Wield unique spells to battle enemies, break blocks, and uncover hundreds of secrets hidden within the Labyrinth’s walls.

About This Game

A top-down adventure, Hitodama perfectly blends classic pixel art action with modern effects and design.

When Hito gets lost in the woods one dark night, two mischievous wisps spirit him away to the Labyrinth, a prison for lost souls from which no one has ever escaped. Now he must wander the Labyrinth’s blocky corridors and fight countless monsters in order to confront his captors and find his way home.

Dodge, Maneuver, and Attack!

Maneuver precisely with crisp, responsive controls to get the drop on your enemies. Whether you’re facing hectic enemy groups or fearsome bosses with bullet hell elements, you’ll have to master movement and combat to survive.

Find Hidden Coins to Power Up

Some of the Labyrinth’s walls are fake and hold secrets. Break blocks with wind blade to find power-ups and coins, which grant stat boosts, elemental shields, and more.

Wield Powerful Spells

Starting with the rapid-firing wind blade, you’ll soon find other elemental spells with unique properties and attack patterns. Strategize and hit your foes’ weaknesses to turn the odds in your favor.

Metroidvania Map Design

Explore big, cohesive maps full of abstract, colorful areas. Track your progress with maps, and use warp points to easily revisit places you’ve been.

Fill Out Your Bestiary

Defeat monsters to earn bestiary entries where you can learn about their lore and weaknesses. There’s 41 monster types, with nearly 100 variations.

Choose Your Challenge Level

Whether you’re looking for an intense challenge or a simple tour to enjoy the story, Hitodama has you covered. With four difficulty modes from Relaxed to Sadistic, there’s something for players of all skill levels and preferences.

A Full, Original Soundtrack

With 18 brand new songs ranging from eerie, to bubbly, to heart-pounding, Hitodama takes you on an emotional and aesthetic ride. Highlighting cutscenes, dungeons, and battles, the music has been lovingly composed to underscore Hito’s journey.

How to Install and Fully Activate The Spectral Web: Hitodama?

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