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Sybaritic Extravaganza

Sybaritic Extravaganza Full version Free Download

Are you looking to Download Sybaritic Extravaganza Full version For Free? Can I download Sybaritic Extravaganza on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about Sybaritic Extravaganza you should know before start competting with other’s.

Sybaritic Extravaganza Description:

Sybaritic Extravaganza is an RPG game where you have to help the protagonists fulfill the last wish of Caravella king and awaken the peoples for the last war with the monsters.

About This Game

Harold, what is the Sybaritic Extravaganza?

Sybaritic Extravaganza is my vivid fantasy of heroic adventures that came out of my universal boredom.

What kind of adventures?

Imagine a big island called Caravella, which was splintered into pieces due to the great ancient war. It is inhabited by various peoples ruled by the old royal dynasty for 200 years.

What an interesting start!

Yeah, but it’s gonna be even cooler! As time passed, magic and science developed in Caravella, the island turned into a real country and became a beautiful rose of the world when suddenly a real evil appeared there! It was born as a child of darkness and strengthened from year to year, until it decided to capture Caravella.

The monsters became a tool of evil and began to deplete the newly flourishing island, killing and robbing its inhabitants. This went on for ten years, and even the capital fell under the onslaught of enemies!

Someone has to stand up to the monsters!

That’s right, it’s at this time the people on the island are waking up from the fear and the inaction and starting to decide the fate of their country. They will become the future heroes in my fantasy.

But who are they?

Oh, this is a team of four brave guys and girls who will raise the peoples of Caravella to war with monsters at the will of the king and at the call of their hearts.

What are their names and what are they capable of, Harold?

It’s not easy to tell everything, but the team has a common purpose…

They can’t handle monsters individually with such skills…

Yes, but together they have a chance to save their country. The more interesting their adventure is!

I agree. Now I can’t wait to find out how their fate will turn out and whether they can stop the monsters.

Then join my Sybaritic Extravaganza and see for yourself!

The game “Sybaritic Extravaganza” is created in the genre of old school RPG adventures, where ordinary guys and girls want to help the King of Caravella win
the evil that is destroying the country. They will have to unite as a team and prove themselves in battles with a variety of opponents to achieve this goal.

The search for the main villain will take a lot of time and effort, because he is secretive and vengeful, owns an army of monsters and is ready to destroy anyone on the way to his power. However, the team of young heroes can find the recipe for an unconditional victory over this evil, passing various missions, boosting their combat skills and communicating with the various peoples inhabiting Caravella.

Features of the game world “Sybaritic Extravaganza” :

+ The player is invited to play for a team of 4 characters;
+ Interaction with characters and NPCs takes place in the third person perspective;
+ The game world of the “Sybaritic Extravaganza” is open for exploration and searching for useful loot;
+ A thorough search of various chests, drawers and entire rooms can lead the player to the discovery of collectible dolls;
+ When exploring a new territory, the player may experience the gaze of orange eyes;
+ Completing missions affects the amount of experience gained;
+ Gained experience makes it easy to deal with enemies;
+ Sometimes there are no weapons at hand, so the player has to fight with improvised means;
+ Different types of opponents require the player to be creative in fighting;
+ The player can find a merchant or a fence in almost every city;
+ Encountering wandering mushrooms can bring a new skill for a fee (even a mushroom doesn’t work for free);
+ Save buttons are distributed all over Caravella, be careful to find them and save your progress.

See you in the game!

How to Install and Fully Activate Sybaritic Extravaganza?

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