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Lost Day

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Are you looking to Download Lost Day Full version For Free? Can I download Lost Day on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about Lost Day you should know before start competting with other’s.

Lost Day Overview:

At that the day, the world ended. People die left and right. Scream heard everywhere. Yet, this is the beginning of my new life. A life where I could finally found my happiness.

About This Game

Lina is a normal high school student in Adelheid Highschool, except that her life is hell. Her father left her and her mother alone because of his scandal, her schoolmate bully her because of that, and at home her mother doesn’t care about her anymore because of her “works”. Then, a miracle comes that change Lina’s life forever, yet ended life of many other in the form of world’s end.


“I just want to be free from this nightmare” a wish from the deep of Lina’s heart that would be granted to her, but not as what she expected.
In that day, the world slowly end. A group of ended attack the small city where Lina live. It becomes a nightmare to most people, yet in this kind of world Lina finally free from her nightmare.
In this world full of the undead, she finally found people who cares for her, people that could make her smile, make her laugh. Yet, just as the sadness that turn into happiness, the happiness could also turn into sadness again.


In this 2D atmospheric drama horror game, players navigate Lina through her story in the small city she live in.
While running from the undead, you must interact with the world to advance the story.
Yet, every choice you made would determine how the story would end.

Key Features
– A 2D horror story-driven experience
– A survival horror with a mix of visual novel and classic RPG aesthetics
– A multiple choice lead to multiple endings
– This game has general mature content, sadistic content, gore, suicide, and bullying

How to Install and Fully Activate Lost Day?

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