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Heli-Cats Full version Free Download

Are you looking to Download Heli-Cats Full version For Free? Can I download Heli-Cats on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about Heli-Cats you should know before start competting with other’s.

Heli-Cats Description:

Dual elevation horizontal 2D arcade shoot ’em up co-op helicopter action!

About This Game

With the world facing a desperate energy and economic crisis, rogue forces have launched a coordinated assault on a weakened allied order. Unable to respond directly under the fragile political climate, the Joint Security Alliance has turned to a special helicopter squadron known as the Heli-Cats. Their mission is to repel the invaders under the guise of a local paramilitary unit such that all actions can be disavowed should things go wrong.

Take control of pilots “Tiger” and “Lynx”, either together in a single helicopter or individually in two machines, as they battle their way through enemy lines and uncover the reasons behind the instigations.

Push the elevation button to switch between high and low elevations.

High projectiles are yellow and low ones are red. (The color combo can be changed as an option.)
Ammo can only damage targets of the same elevation for both players and enemies.
So while traditionally unavoidable enemy fire can now be rendered completely safe, players must still put themselves in harm’s way in order to defeat enemies.

Tapping the shot button fires a burst of normal ammo.
Hitting and destroying enemies with a normal shot increases the focus counter.

Holding the shot button fires a more powerful focus shot that consumes the focus counter.
Some enemies also shoot lighter colored focus ammo that are greater in quantity but slower in speed.

Use the focus shot to cancel them and break through the barrage with ease.

Regular enemies destroyed with the focus shot drop orbs.
Collecting them fills the level gauge and powers up both normal and focus shots when the next level is reached.

The green power gauge that appears depletes only when normal shots are used. The player goes down a level when out of power.
Stay at the maximum level by replenishing the power gauge with more orbs.

Scoring in Heli-Cats is very simple. Survivability and score potential are at opposite ends of the difficulty spectrum.

Survivability: High, Score: Low

  • Power up often
  • Keep away from enemies
  • Use the focus shot regularly
  • Bomb often

Survivability: Low, Score: High

  • Avoid powering up
  • Shoot enemies at very close range
  • Avoid using the focus shot
  • Avoid using bombs

Players have to find the right balance on this difficulty scale and adjust their strategy according to skill level.

Knowing when to utilize these systems is the key to victory!

  • Dual elevation gameplay allows an extra layer of strategy to avoid enemy fire
  • Local co-op
  • 2 initial helicopters to choose from (more can be unlocked with progress)
  • 8 arcade stages (2 more can be unlocked under special conditions)
  • Multiple endings depending on performance and uncovered secrets
  • In-game credits system that unlocks new modes, upgrades, and customization of the game
  • Fully assignable gamepad and keyboard button controls

How to Install and Fully Activate Heli-Cats?

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