Play Free Game Big Fat Battle Download PC Games

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Big Fat Battle

Play Free Game Big Fat Battle Download PC Games

Are you looking to Download Big Fat Battle Full version For Free? Can I download Big Fat Battle on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about Big Fat Battle you should know before start competting with other’s.

Big Fat Battle Overview:

About This Game

Have you ever yearned to play as a baby with a rocket launcher, a monkey with a shotgun, or a nun fighting dinosaurs with a stem of broccoli? Well in Big Fat Battle, you can!

This humorous third-person shooter is a fast paced, round-based, knockout-style combat game where two opposing teams face off for survival!


Match up with 32 players with the worst performing knocked out each round. Stay on top as your rivals fall, until just 6 of you remain for the final showdown!

Quick respawns let you get back into the action to take revenge so keep battling until the last second!


Expand your loadout with fantastical mega-weapons though a roguelike system, different with each playthrough! Earn coins in battle to spend before each round on guns, buffs and upgrades.

Will you reign supreme with the tommy gun, or succumb to the shrink ray and be crushed underfoot?


Play with a wide variety of characters, ranging from a leopard skin clad gnome to a massive, towering tree! Each character boasts unique stats that enable you to explore different playstyles.

Characters can be further customized with stat boosting melee weapons. Choose your character, perfect your style, and revel in the mayhem of Big Fat Battle!


Find potent powerups mid round that keep each round fresh and exciting.

Mutate into a destructive green monster or triplicate your firepower with holograms. Grab the mystery boxes and change the tide of battle!

How to Install and Fully Activate Big Fat Battle?

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