EMPIRE – GALAXY BURNING Full version Free Download

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EMPIRE – GALAXY BURNING Full version Free Download

Are you looking to Download EMPIRE – GALAXY BURNING Full version For Free? Can I download EMPIRE – GALAXY BURNING on my PC for free?
Here you can find an answer to this question along with important information about EMPIRE – GALAXY BURNING you should know before start competting with other’s.


A shoot-em-up game (loosely) inspired by the likes of Crimson Clover, Mushihimesama and R-Type, battling against an ancient superweapon to save both the galaxy and a close friend!

About This Game

For most, Archaeology is supposed to be a quiet job. For this team, it’s been an incredibly hard one. Searching for a long lost legendary remnant of the first space faring civilisation, it’s taken years and in some cases, great personal loss but it’s finally been found-EMPIRE! A planet ship of incredible size and technology, said by some to even have the power to grant wishes!

But when it turns out not only to be hostile but active too, and shoots down one of the team only for them to call a desperate last wish for revenge that it actually decides to grant, things go from bad to disastrous! With an ancient superweapon out to grant revenge, your friend injured and a galaxy unaware of the danger approaching it, that’s where you come in!

Taking control of an elite fighter, the Type One, you’ll have to take to the air and space across 5 levels, to stop the ancient threat before it’s too late! Master the ship’s lasers, beam weapons and it’s screen clearing electron pulse to make it through! And take care-the enemy has more than a few tricks up their sleeves!
And, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, aim for that 1cc perfect run!


How to Install and Fully Activate EMPIRE – GALAXY BURNING?

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